Thanks to Pensa Remote Monitoring and Control Systems; remote access to the generators is possible without distance limitation, all details can be monitored by the user. Within the scope of the system, different quality solutions are presented from a simple alarm to a SCADA screen where complex applications can be monitored.
In the pensets, the genset can be controlled from the control unit on the panel, and many interventions can be done via the computer. The computer can be installed next to the generator or at a distance.
In its simplest form, you can connect the control unit in the generator to the RS-232 serial port of your computer. You can control the generator by installing the provided program on this computer. However, when this method is used, the maximum distance between the generator and the computer must be 10 meters.
If you want to intervene on the generator’s local network or over the internet, you can intervene without the generator’s distance limit using the same program with the help of an optional unit.
Using Remote Monitoring it is possible to get detailed information about the status of the engine, alternator and control systems. At the beginning of these are the basic functions related to the main operation functions such as turning the generator to the automatic or closed position, starting, stopping and putting it to the test position, genset load status.